Group settlement agreement and redundancy advice

If your organisation is carrying out redundancy for three or more employees, you should consider a group exercise. Our employment solicitors can advise on group redundancy settlement agreements.

This page is for employers or unions involved in a group redundancy exercise. For individual settlement agreement advice, see our main settlement agreements page.

If your organisation is carrying out a redundancy process for three or more employees, you should consider running a group exercise. Our employment solicitors can advise on group redundancy settlement agreements, providing advice and guidance to affected employees on an individual basis.

Our employment team has experience working on a number of large restructuring projects with global brands, supporting and advising the employees through this process. We always represent employees, never employers, reducing the risk of a conflict of interest.

How we can help

If we’re instructed to act on behalf of employees in a mass redundancy, restructure or group settlement matter, our employment solicitors will:

  • Review the draft settlement agreement and the collective redundancy documents at the beginning of the redundancy process
  • Liaise with the employer’s legal representatives to establish timeframes and other relevant details
  • Provide a dedicated email inbox, so employees can contact us directly, and we will respond to any employee queries promptly
  • Put in place standardised procedures and documents to provide comprehensive support and guidance to employees during the redundancy process utilising digital and automated processes wherever possible
  • Draft detailed and clear advice for employees on the implications of signing a settlement agreement
  • Explain the redundancy or settlement process to employees, returning signed agreements and adviser’s certificates to the employer promptly and within specified deadlines

What to consider as an employer

If dealing with a group settlement process, your organisation may wish to consider the following:

  • Transparency – be clear at the outset what your employees will receive
  • Digitalising the process – send documents securely via an electronic system and invite employees to return them the same way, using electronic signatures wherever possible
  • Deadlines – allow employees time to access the requisite advice (ACAS recommends 10 working days) but be clear when agreements must be returned by to enable swift payment
  • Legal fees – agree how much the organisation will contribute towards employees’ legal fees

We have a dedicated team, experienced in dealing with mass settlements. We have received positive feedback from HR professionals following previous group settlement work:

“A redundancy process is never easy and, with the added uncertainty of covid-19, our employees were in need of reliable, timely support and advice that they could have confidence in. This is exactly what they got from Co-op Legal Services.

The Employment team provided an exceptional, independent settlement agreement service to our employees, making it a little easier at a difficult time. Feedback from colleagues has been very positive, especially from those to whom a settlement agreement was an entirely new concept.”

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