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We have helped over 3,000 employees in England and Wales with their employment law claims and we can help you too.

"Your help made a big difference to my ability to stand my ground with my employers. Thank you." Miss A., Hertfordshire

At Co-op Legal Services we believe in equal pay for equal work and that discrimination based on a person’s gender is unacceptable.

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As part of the Co-op Group our values of openness, honesty, social responsibility and caring for others are core to the service we provide.

Our Employment Law Solicitors specialise in equal pay claim disputes and can negotiate firmly with your employer to ensure that any inequality of terms is rectified as soon as possible.

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Equal Pay Claims and the Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act 2010 contains provisions designed to achieve equality between men and women in pay and other terms of employment where the work of an employee and his or her comparator – a person of the opposite sex - is equal. It does so by providing for a sex equality clause to be read into every employee’s contract of employment.

How Do I Prove Pay Disparity?

To make an equal pay dispute claim you must be able to show that a person of the opposite sex is being paid more for doing a comparable job. A comparable job is defined as a job involving similar work and/or work of equal value.

How We Can Help You

A Co-op Legal Employment Law Solicitor can help you clarify your priorities and negotiate for you in a way that best protects your relationship with your employer, whilst ensuring your right to equal pay for equal work is honoured.

Gender discrimination is against the law in England and Wales. We can provide you with the confidence and the knowledge that you have every right to insist on equal pay comparable with work colleagues that are performing the same role.

What Happens When I Win My Equal Pay Dispute?

Once we establish discrimination and succeed in your equal pay claim, the Equal Pay Act will operate to insert an equality clause into your employment contract. This means that each term that is less favourable will be amended to make it equal.

You can also claim arrears of pay for up to six years prior to the start of the Employment Tribunal proceedings.

We have a proven track record of fighting hard for our clients and successfully negotiating or litigating equal pay disputes.

We will agree our fixed fee with you upfront before any work starts, and once we have provided you with a written quote for the agreed work, that price will not change unless the original information we are given is shown to be incorrect or circumstances change.

For employment legal advice call our Employment Lawyers on 03306069589 or contact us online and we will call you.

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