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Employment contracts in England and Wales

The employment contract between you and your employer governs the way in which your relationship will be managed during the time you are employed. An employment contract does not need to be in writing; however, if you are not offered a written contract, by law your employer needs to provide you with a written statement of the main terms of your employment within two months of you commencing work.

Our employment law solicitors only represent employees and through our experience of helping thousands of employees in many different types of employment law cases, we have developed an unrivalled understanding of employee rights.

If you require expert legal advice about a contract of employment, or you want to clarify what a statement of the main terms of your employment terms should contain, call our expert team of employment law solicitors.

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What should an employment contract contain?

An employment contract contains both express and implied terms. Express terms are terms which have been written into your contract and include details such as:

  • your job title and place of work
  • how much you will be paid
  • the method in which you will be paid
  • your annual leave and sick leave entitlements
  • redundancy terms
  • dispute resolution procedures
  • the notice period required if you wish to leave your job

Implied terms are terms which are implied into most employment contracts, such as your employer’s duty to provide a safe working environment and the concept of mutual trust and confidence between an employer and employee.

Implied terms, provided they are long-standing, expected and well-established, can also consist of terms implied by custom or tradition, such as a Christmas bonus or having your birthday off.

Can my employer vary the terms of my contract without my consent?

It depends. Your employment contract can only be changed without your consent if one of the terms in the contract expressly allows the employer to do so. An example of this is the common insertion of the term, “employees may be asked to work extra hours if required”.

However, if there is any ambiguity in the wording of a right to change employment conditions without consent, the employment tribunal is likely to side with the employee.

If your employer does alter the terms of your employment contract without your consent, you may be able to bring a claim for breach of contract, or if the change to your contract is so fundamental that it goes ‘to the heart of the contract’, you may be able to claim for constructive dismissal from work.

Our employment law solicitors can provide you with expert legal advice on the terms of your employment contract. We offer fixed fees and once we have provided you with a written quote for the agreed work, that price will not change.

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