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In England and Wales it is against the law to discriminate against an employee on the basis of their sex. Sexual discrimination is one of the protected areas of discrimination, so if you have been experiencing sexual discrimination in the workplace, contact us.

Your employer can be held liable for sexual discrimination incidents against you that is conducted by an employee. There is no upper limit to compensation awards in discrimination cases.

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"How can I prove that I have been a victim of sexual discrimination at work?"

Discrimination cases can be hard to prove. But, the Tribunal must consider if there are facts from which it could decide, in the absence of any other explanation, that a person (A) contravened the provision concerned (Stage 1). If stage 1 is satisfied, the tribunal must hold that the contravention occurred, unless A shows that A did not contravene the provision.

Sex discrimination can manifest itself in various forms:

  • When you are passed over for promotion as a result of your pregnancy.
  • If you are being victimised because you made a formal complaint about sexual discrimination or you supported a colleague in their complaint about sexual discrimination.
  • You are paid less than your counterparts of the opposite sex who are doing the same job.
  • You are treated less favourably because you have undergone or intending to undergo gender reassignment.

"I have been passed over for promotion of a certain job, because I am wrong ‘sex’. Can I still claim for sexual discrimination?"

Some jobs do require the employee to be of the same sex. For example, a refuge for battered men or women may prefer to employ someone of the same sex only, to make their residents feel protected.

An employer may also decide to hire members of a specific sex to redress the gender imbalance in the company, in which case, the employer may have a legitimate reason for advertising for that sex.

Why you need to act now

You must submit your claim for sexual discrimination three months less one day from the date of the discriminatory act.

By law, you must also register your intention to lodge a claim at the Employment Tribunal at ACAS, who will attempt a conciliation between you and your employment. If you do not reach a settlement, you will be given a certificate by ACAS stating that you have fulfilled mandatory conciliation. The Employment Tribunal time limit may be extended by up to 1 month from the date of the ACAS certificate.

Once that has been done, you can then proceed with your claim to the Employment Tribunal.

Fixed fee sexual discrimination solicitors

Our legal advice for sexual discrimination cases starts from just £450 (including VAT), depending on the complexity of your claim, for a detailed report in which we assess the merits of your claim. Should you wish to progress your case, we can help you with negotiating the settlement of your claim for an additional fee.

All fixed fees will be agreed with you before any work begins. Our prices are fixed and you are kept informed at every stage of your claim, so you do not get any surprises.

Funding your employment law claim

We provide fixed fee employment law services. We can provide a 1 hour consultation with an employment solicitor for £240 (including VAT) or a comprehensive claims report for £450 (including VAT).

We also offer hourly rate services for more complex employment claims and funding through legal expenses insurance (LEI).

Find out more about our fees and how to fund your employment law claim.

Making a discrimination at work claim

To make a discrimination claim, it must relate to a protected characteristic and early conciliation must be started within 3 months, less one day, of the discrimination taking place. If this criteria hasn't been met, the Tribunal is unlikely to have the power to hear your case and we’ll be unable to help with your case at this time.

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