Religious or non-religious belief discrimination claims

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While religion or belief is one of the ‘protected’ areas of discrimination, it is also one of the most complex. For example, a religious organisation can advertise for an employee to fulfil a particular vacancy requiring them to be a devotee of the faith, for example, a church minister. But, they cannot advertise for a cleaner of the same faith, because a cleaner does not require a faith to carry out his duties. Advertising for a cleaner of the same faith is an example of indirect discrimination.

Religious discrimination cases can be complex. That is why you need expert advice from religious discrimination Solicitors who understand the particular nuances of employment law, how it can be applied to religious discrimination, and who also have extensive experience of helping claimants experiencing religious discrimination in their workplace.

Religious discrimination at work

It can be difficult to prove religious discrimination in the workplace. That is why the Employment Tribunal says that the claimant must establish facts. For example, a Muslim chef whose request to work in non-pork areas who had their request refused can claim indirect discrimination as the employer has not shown consideration for their religious beliefs. At the same time, an employee may not be a victim of religious discrimination if their request not to hold civil partnerships for same-sex couples is refused by the registrar, because it’s part of their job. However, if they are religious leaders, then they can refuse to ordain the civil partnership.

I’m facing religious discrimination at work because I do not have a belief.

You are also protected by law if you have a non-belief or have beliefs about the environment or other ideology. However, the interpretation of employment law around this can be complex.

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