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We offer a fixed fee employment law services and can provide a detailed report about the merits and the value of your race discrimination claim.

We offer legal advice without jargon and we will agree our fixed fee with you upfront before any work starts. We offer a fixed fee race descrimination employment law services and can provide a detailed report about the merits and the value of your race discrimination claim.

Once we have provided you with a written quote for the agreed work to be done, that price will not change unless the original information we are given is shown to be incorrect or circumstances change.

I liked the phone calls to explain things and not just email. I also felt the person dealing with me cared about what was best for me. (Ms A)

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We can help you with your race discrimination claim

Despite the laws that are meant to protect working people from racial discrimination, many still suffer in silence. This may be because they are embarrassed about the treatment they have received, or have genuine concerns about their potential loss of income.

We only represent individuals, not employers, so we understand your concerns. Our employment law solicitors help people across the country who have suffered racial discrimination or abuse at work, with their claims for compensation.

What is race discrimination at work?

Race discrimination is when someone is subjected to less favourable behaviour from their employers on the basis of their race. Race is one of the protected areas of discrimination and it is against the law to discriminate against someone on this basis.

What is racial abuse at work?

Racial abuse at work can happen in four ways:

  • direct discrimination: such as being denied promotion on the basis of your race

  • indirect discrimination: such as not being offered a job because of your race

  • harassment: such as violating your dignity with unwanted conduct and creating a hostile environment, because of your race

  • victimisation: such as being subject to degrading or unfavourable treatment at work, as a result of either reporting discrimination or supporting someone else who has

I already lodged a grievance with my employer. Can you still help?

Whether you are thinking of bringing a claim against your employer or are in the middle of a conciliation, we may be able to help you.

There is a time limit of 3 months, less one day, from the date of the racial discrimination incident, for you to lodge your case at the employment tribunal. It is also mandatory to go through the ACAS early conciliation scheme before you can submit a claim to the tribunal. You may have up to 1 month from the issue of the ACAS early conciliation certificate to lodge your claim in the employment tribunal.

Funding your employment law claim

We provide fixed fee employment law services. We can provide a 1 hour consultation with an employment solicitor for £240 (including VAT) or a comprehensive claims report for £450 (including VAT).

We also offer hourly rate services for more complex employment claims and funding through legal expenses insurance (LEI).

Find out more about our fees and how to fund your employment law claim.

Making a discrimination at work claim

To make a discrimination claim, it must relate to a protected characteristic and early conciliation must be started within 3 months, less one day, of the discrimination taking place. If this criteria hasn't been met, the tribunal is unlikely to have the power to hear your case and we’ll be unable to help with your case at this time.

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