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Appearing before your employer at a grievance or disciplinary hearing can be a daunting prospect. Our Employment Law Solicitors, who only act for employees, can provide you with the confidence and knowledge you need to put your case across and negotiate for your objectives to be met.

Preparing you for a disciplinary hearing

An Employment Law Solicitor can help you prepare for a disciplinary hearing so you can answer allegations in a clear, competent manner. If you have a copy of your employer’s disciplinary procedure we can discuss it with you, so you understand the process before the hearing.

We can also help you prepare a Disciplinary Statement so all your points are clearly set out in writing and can be given personally to each member of the disciplinary panel.

Your help made a big difference to my ability to stand my ground with my employers. Thank you. (Miss A., Hertfordshire)

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Representing you at a disciplinary hearing

Section 10 of the Employment Relations Act 1999 states that an employee has the right to bring a colleague or a trade union representative to an internal disciplinary or grievance hearing.

There is no legal right to have a Solicitor accompany you to a hearing; however, in two recent cases, R R (on the application of G) v The Governors of X School and Kulkarni v Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, the Courts have indicated that legal representation could be used in disciplinary proceedings where the results could be so serious that the employee’s career could be threatened.

Even if we cannot represent you at the hearing, we can analyse your case and prepare you thoroughly so you can confidently argue your position.

The disciplinary hearing process

The Acas Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures should be followed by all employers. This Code ensures fairness and transparency of all disciplinary and grievance proceedings. Employers commonly breach the Code by:

  • not informing the employee of the possible consequences of the disciplinary hearing
  • not providing the employee with all the evidence against him or her
  • failing to give appropriate verbal and written warnings
  • failing to notify the employee of the right to appeal the decision

If you feel that your employer has not followed the Acas Code with regard to your grievance or disciplinary hearing, talk to us. You do have the right of appeal, and we can ensure you get a chance to present your side of the story in a fair and transparent environment.

Funding your employment law claim

We provide fixed fee employment law services. We can provide a 1 hour consultation with an employment solicitor for £240 (including VAT) or a comprehensive claims report for £450 (including VAT).

We also offer hourly rate services for more complex employment claims and funding through legal expenses insurance (LEI).

Find out more about our fees and how to fund your employment law claim.

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