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Constructive / Unfair Dismissal Solicitors

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Can I Claim Compensation for Unfair Dismissal?

You can claim for constructive or unfair dismissal if you have been forced to resign by your employer’s unlawful behaviour.

Solicitor Fees for Constructive or Unfair Dismissal

Employment Solicitor fees for constructive or unfair dismissal start from £630 including VAT for an investigation report in which we review your documents and advise you on the prospects of your case succeeding.

We will agree our fixed Employment Solicitor fees with you upfront before any work starts. Once we have provided you with a written quote for the agreed work, that price will not change unless the original information we are given is shown to be incorrect or circumstances change.

As part of the Co-op Group our values of openness, honesty, social responsibility and caring for others are core to the service we provide, and our customers consistently rate the quality of our legal advice and services at 4.4 out of 5 stars.

For legal advice on constructive or unfair dismissal from work call our Employment Law Solicitors on 03306069589 or contact us online and we will call you.

Differences between Constructive and Unfair Dismissal

A dismissal is when your employer ends your employment, with or without notice, either by not renewing your contract, or through their conduct.

Constructive dismissal is when you have been forced to resign with immediate effect as a result of a serious breach of contract by your employer.

To claim constructive dismissal you need to be able to prove that your employer made a serious breach of your contract. As a result of which you resigned with immediate effect.

An unfair dismissal is when you have been dismissed by your employer for reasons other than your:

  • Capability
  • Conduct
  • Redundancy
  • A statutory duty or restriction that prohibited your employment from being continued
  • Some other substantial reason.

If you started your new employment after 6 April 2012, then you need to have been employed by your new employer for two years before you can claim unfair dismissal.

If you started before 6 April 2012, then you need to have been employed by your employer for only one year before you can claim unfair dismissal.

Not all dismissals are unfair. However, your employer has to prove to the Employment Tribunal that your dismissal was fair and within reason.

At Co-op Legal Services our Employment Solicitors only represent employees; we do not advise or represent employers.

For legal advice on constructive or unfair dismissal call our Employment Solicitors on 03306069589 or contact us online and we will call you.

Can I Get any Interim Compensation for Dismissal?

Every case is different. That is why it's important to talk to us as soon as possible, so we can give you the employment law advice you need.

Time is of essence, by law, any employee thinking of making a claim at the Employment Tribunal must first notify ACAS with details of the claim. ACAS will then attempt a conciliation between you and your employer. If the conciliation fails, then the claim can progress to the Employment Tribunal.

Your claim for constructive dismissal is time-limited and there are statutory regulations regarding your compensation award, so it is best to get advice from expert Employment Lawyers about your constructive dismissal as early in the process as possible.

Failure from your employer to comply with ACAS’s Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures can increase your compensation by up to 25%, if you succeed in your claim for constructive dismissal. If the employee is responsible for the failure then an Employment Tribunal may reduce compensation by up to 25%.

Fixed Fee Employment Law Solicitors

Our Employment Law Solicitors have years of expertise dealing with complex constructive dismissal and unfair dismissal from work cases. We have a positive track record in resolving disputes on the best possible terms for our customers, and our fixed fee service starts from just £420 including VAT.

When you contact us we make an objective assessment of your case and will only process your claim if we believe it will have merit either with ACAS or with the Employment Tribunal.

For employment law advice call our Employment Lawyers on 03306069589 or contact us online and we will call you.

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