Taking the leap from PI to probate

Saqib joined Co-op Legal Services in July 2017 as a Probate Case Manager. Before joining Co-op’s Probate team, Saqib had been working in the civil litigation sector, dealing with litigation of road accidents. He felt the time was right to make a change and when an opportunity arose in the Probate team at Co-op Legal Services, he didn’t hesitate to apply. With a desire to make a real difference to people at a time when they needed it the most, Saqib felt that this was the perfect opportunity.

Below, Saqib provides an insight into his Co-op journey so far…

Why Co-op?

Being born and raised in Rochdale, the home of Co-op’s pioneering members, the Co-op has always been close to my heart. I share the core values of Co-op and it’s refreshing to have an employer who encourages its employees to do what matters most for people, by showing our clients that we truly care at a time when they need it the most.

The Co-op promotes an environment in which all colleagues are encouraged to “be yourself, always.” It’s important to me that the Co-op celebrates individuality and that colleagues are not expected to sacrifice any part of their identity.

Tell Us about Your Role as a Probate Case Manager

Many of the skills that I developed during my time working in civil litigation have proven to be valuable in my role as a Probate Case Manager, such as conducting legal research and effectively managing my time under pressure.

I am driven to go the extra mile to help those in need. I find my role as a Probate Case Manager rewarding and fulfilling, as it enables me to help people at a time of grief. I feel a huge personal satisfaction when I am able to make the Probate process as easy and stress free as possible for them, at what is likely to already be a very stressful time.

As I am often supporting clients who have recently lost a loved one, it’s important to strike the delicate balance of providing support and a listening ear while also maintaining focus on the administration of the Estate. I always take the time to ensure that I fully understand the client’s needs and that I act in their best interests as efficiently and as sensitively as possible.

So far, since joining Co-op Legal Services, I have been offered countless opportunities to learn and develop. Not only are my colleagues friendly and helpful, but with their many combined years of Probate experience I am surrounded by a wealth of technical and legal expertise. I am able to tap into this knowledge as well as attend regular legal training refreshers, designed to aid my career development.

What Does the Future Hold?

There are numerous training and development courses offered to Probate Case Managers at Co-op, which drives us to progress and realise our true potential. I would like to continue to further my career at Co-op Legal Services, advancing my legal and technical knowledge in all aspects of Probate with a view to ultimately leading my own team in the future.